Automotive leather - Printed


Genuine leather made for car upholstery use: Tanned in Italian storical tanneries and certified for automotive applications.

The range of 17 colors* choosen by a selection on the best car brands proposal: Identical for the "Aurora" printing, in 17 different shades of color.

Always available for the trade and for car interiors upholstery productions. use the color code** to make an order.



A range of 17 colors selected by DLO Import-Export, Italian leathers for car interior upholstery.


Leathers always available, for sale* and for the production of car interiors, steering wheels and motorcycle seats covers:

the sample of "Automotive printed leather" contains our BASE / STANDARD proposal for automotive coatings. For an order, use the color code ** that appears popular.


* Retail is available on minimun order: CUSTOMIZED LEATHER PIECES OR HALF LEATHER HIDE.

**the images are purely for representational purposes. If interested ask us for a sample, we will send it to you as soon as possible. 

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