AIRBAG - New forniture collection

STO.NATA by DLO introducing the new collections : Airbag, customized genuine leather fornitures.

Soft leathers with bright colors are selected for the realization of armchairs, pouf and cushions for the home, contract office and * outdoor environments.
By now design classics repurposed by us with top quality leathers, for productions from one piece to small series on order: dimensions, colors and stitching are customizable.

Airbag poltrona relax verde mela

AIRbag - Beanbag Relax, dimension **Standard, color Apple Green. Price 290€



Sold already padded with the characteristics high resistence polystyrene foam balls.
Leather lining all made with all double stitching, hidden or external and aestethic at will.
Zip closure, reinforced with velcro.

Handmade with leather that we like or made to order on your taste, now available.



 Airbag zip chiusura Airbag polistirolo espanso Airbag top perforato

Realization details - AIRbag Collection - STO.NATA by DLO


Airbag poltrona relax

Graffiti scenary - Relax Beanbag King size and Small - Customized and multicolor




* the skin is a natural material that even if treated, does not like water. For this reason, if used outdoors, make sure to cover it in case of rain. If it gets wet, dry as soon as possible with a soft cloth and a hot hair dryer.
** the Standard size we have chosen for the Relax Armchair is 80x80x130cm


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